Rich Breakfast
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39

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Why not Breakfast...

This entry I additionaly apply as new becouse I forgot liquid food which is in RulesAs liquid food I add small gingerbread bowl with "ketchup" fluid royal icing/rule 2/IMG_0974

Bacon on gingerbread is spread royal icing dried on 2 big straws as on following photos,I remember video of @Julia M. Usher how she create petals of snowdrop flower and I used those straws to get 3D effect to my baconon right is still not baked egg white & yolk down the bacon is gingerbread bread how I baked it with alluminum foil and right down on the same photo sugarpaste cheese,bacon,letuce and gingerbread chips potatosIMG_0953


All colors I used in this project Sugarflair Primrose yellow,Wilton GoldenYellow WiltonPink Progel OliveGreen ProgelCredam and FunCakes White & Peach


Here close photo of yolk icing with fluid consistance on stick  and than dried in owen on 50 on air.Bacon and Mortadella drying on straws.Stippling edges of egg white,yolk also iced as I describe before,after colored with Wilton golden yellow.Avocado created same way as the egg,for cheese holes I used straw for the small one and for the big round piping noozle FotoJet - 2020-04-06T111150.866FotoJet - 2020-04-06T110605.021IMG_0932


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Sweet Prodigy posted:

Fabulous entry. I do not see cookies or sweets here; I see a nice, hearty breakfast. I love the variety of items and the individual techniques you used to create each one. (Your cheeses slices are perfect!) Your progress shots and explanations also really help to detail nicely how you put everything together.

I'm so happy to read words like these,I appriciate it 

Thank you very very much dear Christine @SweetProdigy❀️❀️

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