Rolling Stones Denim Jacket

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Typically my cookies (or the inspiration behind them) begin as sketches, so often I like to showcase that sketch alongside my cookies(s) so as to display my creative process.  In this case, my inspiration was actually a combination of both my sketching and a jacket that I personally own.

The edges around the patches are intentionally "messy" as I used a pair of manicure scissors and made tiny snips to create a slight frayed appearance. 

(I didn't have a cookie cutter for this piece, so it was cut by hand.)

Carol-Anne posted:

I absolutely love this, great job!  I have been a fan of the R.S. for 55 years, about time they gave me a free ticket to one of their shows! 

Thank you @Carol-Anne. I'm a fan too! I was raised on classic rock. A free ticket? Wouldn't that be wonderful