Roses and a touch of gold

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Anne Marie Adams posted:

Very beautiful Teri . I have to just ask you this. What came first the cookies or the plate. They match perfectly.

A color I   do a lot and I  found the plate at Michael's  so I  had to get it to match my cookies...thank you ❤

Lee Sherwood posted:

These bridal shower cookies are exquisite.  I truly can't imagine how much time you spend on each one.  Just how much time does each one take you and what would you charge for just one?


Thank you Lee, It is always so hard for me to judge the time because I  am  usually working on other projects at the same time and bounce around from one thing to the next.  Actual working time I will  guesstimate under 1 hour. The beads are the most time consuming.  These are  5" honey gingerbread keepsake cookies current price is $12. Ea.❤