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Bakerloo Station posted:

This is so pretty!  Al of the orange and peach tones are just so harmonious! How did you achieve the two-toned effect of the larger roses? 

Thank you Christine.  For the two toned effect, you can do one of two techniques. The first is to mix up your main color (in this case the peach which is a combination of orange and deep pink).  Set that aside and mix your second color (in this case, a light ivory).  I then took the light ivory and smeared a layer across a piece of plastic wrap (about 4" x 3").  I then layered the peach color on top of that being careful not to move the first layer too much.  You then roll it up and swirl the edges tight and slip the plastic package into a piping bag, pull it through the top, snip off the one tied end, add your tip and you're ready to go.

There is another way if you want to achieve a darker edge which is much easier.  You start out with the piece of plastic wrap and paint food gel straight from the container onto the plastic wrap in 1/4" sections about 2" apart form each other (vertically) and about 3" long.  You then take your colored icing and "plop" it on top of the streaks, again, being careful not to really disturb the smeared food gel color.  Then you roll it up and insert as noted above.  I like this process better but I wanted a lighter center and bit on the edges of the set I did.

Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

Such gorgeous work!!! I apologize for being MIA...have been going through a lot of very difficult problems this week. I sure will be happy when I can start back with decorating cookies once again...Your work is always just so beautiful

Thank you so much Carol! I hope your problems are soon behind you and a piping bag is in your VERY near future!