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Royal Icing Pine Cones and Curved Holly Leaves

Royal Icing Pine Cones and Curved Holly Leaves
Better late than never! My video tutorial is now up! See below for link.

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Here's the link to my video tutorial: https://cookieconnection.julia...y-leaves-and-berries

Also, special thanks to @Manu and @Aproned Artist for their curved royal icing leaf tutorials, which spurred me on to do this one!

You can find their tutorials here on Cookie Connection too:
Fall Leaves and Acorns by Aproned Artist:
Water Lily and Lily Pad Transfers by Manu:

Annelise (Le bois meslé) posted:

Having a hard time believing that these are actually royal icing! Incredible - so realistic!

And thanks for the tutorial - loved watching it, even though I'd never take on such a daunting project!

Oh, thanks so much for the super sweet comment!