Ruffled Butterfly
Couldn't leave it... despite the workload of packing for our moving in three weeks... there's just something so relaxing about decorating cookies... really helps to turn off :)

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Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson) posted:

I am sincerely speechless. This is beyond extraordinary. May I ask how long it took you to create this masterpiece? It is truly breathtaking!

Thank you so much for your lavish comment, LeeAnn !

I have to guess as to the time spent on this, because I didn't bother to check, and I made it over a period of 3 days. The ruffles were the only concept I had in mind when I started out, and they took ab 60-90 minutes, since I did them via Lambeth method.

The reflection time on how to do the rest took more time than the actual piping, which might have taken about 2 hours the most.

Thanks again so much <3!!!

- Sonja