Ruffled Butterfly
Couldn't leave it... despite the workload of packing for our moving in three weeks... there's just something so relaxing about decorating cookies... really helps to turn off :)

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Sonja, I just can't believe how amazing this cookie is!!! Your ideas are always so unique and intricate...executed perfectly too . Absolutely love your work!!!

Thanks a million, Carol! I do like to do detailed work... it has meditative qualities for me. The rest just comes by itself. And I admire your work as well, cause you truly have such a unique style <3!!!

Ms. K posted:

This is just absolutely amazing.  Your talent is beyond words. Except i hope to get 1/2 this good! LOL just beautiful.

Thank you so much, Ms. K! I believe most of us have more talent than we are aware of. Six months ago I would not have believed it possible, but after practicing a lot, it just is . And I think, if I can, then most who will apply themselves, can do it as well. It's just practice . Thanks again!!!