Russian and American Styling

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When a client came to me with the idea of combining Russian and American themes into one cookie set it was off to research and sketch! I love a challenge and found this to be a very unique project. I wanted to use the iconic Russian nesting dolls (they're so beautiful and often incredibly detailed) along with other iconic buildings and symbols. Fortunately for me, the color schemes matched for both countries which made the project much easier (yippee).

Painting faces is something I've always shied away from trying. But I discovered that with a lot of practice it turned out to be fun to jump into the fire of facing my intimidation and begin the process of learning a new technique . 

Julia M. Usher posted:

So many techniques so nicely done here, Carol. (P.S. I'm glad you steered clear of more volatile Russian-American themes of the day . . . cookies should remain things of love and beauty! )

Thank you Julia @Julia M. Usher for your kind comments. I couldn't agree more that cookies should be creations of beauty and love. As cookiers, our passion is readily seen in artistic expression with this medium. I so appreciate the encouragement and support that you give to the entire CC community! ❤️❤️

Tina at Sugar Wishes posted:

I love these. You did an outstanding job.  I felt privilege to visit Russia and loved every minute there. You captured it beautifully. 

Thank you so much dear Tina @Tina at Sugar Wishes! How exciting that you had the opportunity to visit Russia...your words are so kind and greatly appreciated ❤️❤️

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