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Hi all,

This was my cookie entry for Cake International Birmingham and I’ve got bronze with it. 

I used red isomalt at the centre of the cookies and snowflakes are royal icing transfers. Don’t ask how many snowflakes I piped and how many of them were broken! 😬😬😬 Even I broke two of the competition pieces on that very morning as I was placing them onto the exhibition table 😱, thanks God I had spare ones with me!

I would like to thank especially two amazing ladies who helped me on how to use isomalt and kindly answered all my questions that I bombarded them with, Manu @Manu and Sonja @iSugarfy (aka swissophie)

Love you all my cookie friends and thank you @Julia M. Usher and Cookie Connection for bringing us together πŸ™πŸ»

Manu posted:

Congrats, dear Ferda @La Shay by Ferda Ozcan, for getting a recognition at Cake International Birmingham for the second year in a row!

Your entry is simply amazing and those royal icing transfers incredible, flawless and... twelve different snowflakes design. Can’t stop watching them. 





Thank you ever so much dear Manu, for your kind comments and for being there whenever I need help 😘😘😘

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