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Spring is beginning to emerge here, but I’m eager to hasten it along, so I’m launching a mini spring botanical series! In this first video of the series, I’ve recreated the snowdrop - one of my favorite harbingers of spring! The flowers are constructed entirely of individually piped and airbrushed royal icing transfers, which are lovingly pieced together one by one!


Video production by Two5:7North.

Icingsugarkeks posted:

W O W !!!! OMG!!
That's 100% nature copied! The flower, the leaves and especially the onion !!!! Something great !!! An absolutely masterful job !!! I really absorbed the video in me !!!! I love it really!!!!! ❀️
Cookie friends, watch this video!!!!!!! Soooo great!! Thanks for sharing so much!!!

You are so sweet. Thanks for all of the enthusiastic support today!

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