Stained Glass Easter Flowers

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Aproned Artist posted:

My first experiment with stained glass.  I used a corn syrup glaze.  They came out pretty, but unfortunately, are too sticky to bag.  Would love to hear if anyone has had success with this.

They turned out great!!! 

Manu posted:

Kari Arroyo @Yankee Girl Yummies  made an interesting experiment with corn syrup and wrote an article. Maybe you can find some ideas there though the article was written three years ago...


@Mily commented that she uses a dehydrator.



Thanks for the link - what a memory! Sounds like she had pretty much the same issues.  Unfortunately, I don't have a dehydrator to test that theory.  Jill from Funky Cookie Studio commiserated as well; even when she waited long enough to bag them, the corn syrup just softened up in the bag and got sticky again.  I saw that Sweet Amb's used edible adhesive on her ramen cookie tutorial, Maybe that would dry harder, although it doesn't sound very appetizing.