Summer In Sicily
Original boho girl art from

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The image of the girl was inspired by a sticker on Picsart. You can have fun too, by downloading this application, to modify or create your stickers. I chose to show how to create the image with the pressure piping technique on a cookie.



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OMG !!! Filomena, these summer cookies are soooo breathtaking beautiful!!! I like every single one !! Sooo fantastic and absolutely GREAT work my dear cookie friend!! ❤️ @Dolce Flo

Many thanks dear Gaby, you are always so kind... Happy Summer my dear friend ❤️❤️❤️

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Wow dear @Dolce Flo, this is awesome!! Soooo many detailed techniques to them. That handbag is incredible, the woman is amazing with all the different volumes and so much movement, too. And the detail of the shade under each pearl in the cactus is perfect! Really mind blowing!!👏👏🥰

Dear Heather I'm so happy that you like them... Thank you for your attention to details and happy Summer!! 😘❤️

@DianeT posted:

Dear Dolce Flo, I’m curious if you make your own cutters or do you hand cut the cookie dough following a template? Thanks in advance, these are stunning!!!


Dear Diane, the first time I cut my dough with the use of a template ... eventually I can have cutters made for me. Thank you for the compliments!!