Tattoos and Motorcycle Love
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #27

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talia posted:

Nice! I like the cookie sticking out on the left top. They are all nice and I like the shading.

Thanks, I liked that one too! Isn't fun to do them all different and see how they will turn out!

Bakerloo Station posted:

You are a Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge machine, Kim!  I love the theme for this set, and I especially liked all of your design tips and tricks for dealing with "misbehaving" circles! 

hehe thanks so much (for all)!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

So for this set (in case circles were not hard enough) I had some left over pink RI and a Motorcycle Riding club winter party to go to. So my inspiration was girl motorcycle riders (my Harley is purple with feathers and lace airbrushed on it) and Tattoos ( only have one and it's a Celtic cross on my shoulder) as there are 2 tattoo artists in our group of riders. My goal was to make the RI circles round if that matched the outside silhouette and close to the edge if not. I tried to mask my imperfect circles with lot's of design and balance using black in the airbrush and pink as well. I felt like the busy design and color blocks would make your eye not notice (or mind) the imperfections. Also, I went back in with silver and black to do the "tattoo" designs adding details where I wanted your eye to go, instead of where it would have been drawn (by the uneven gaps). Once again, I loved this challange, and had lots of fun with the set.