Tea and cookies...how FUN!
The far right cookie is extremely similar to a recent cookie by Le Sucre - June. Because of just how close the design is to one of June's cookies I contacted her to get her permission to share this cookie with you. She so graciously agreed to let me share

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Manu posted:

Nice, Carol!

Thank you Manu! These were super easy to do, and fast. I was kind of tired when I started working on these. I've found that it's not the best idea to start a design when you're tired and the brain is just not in "cookie mode". But I do like the result more than I thought I would. Lol.

Anne Marie Adams posted:

It's a darling set Carol that was so nice of Le Sucre-June you did an excellent interpretation of her cookie

Thank you Anne Marie! Yes, June had such a fabulous set of designs and I loved them all. I liked this color combination and the shape of the cookie worked so well with June's basic design. I was very thankful that she was so gracious in letting me share them with you! A lovely lady!!!

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:
Sweet Prodigy posted:

Such a nice set, Carol.

Thanks Christine!! You're always so kind and I just love looking at your beautiful designs   ♥

Thank you, Carol. I also love all of the little decorative elements that you use for your designs.