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Icingsugarkeks posted:

This COOKIES are so Fantastique dear Carol!!!
I love every detail! The macarons and the stream of tea are so cute and really! ❤️😘    @Cookies Fantastique

Thank you so very much my dear cookie friend, Gabi @Icingsugarkeks

You are always sweet and kind my dear ❤️❤️❤️

Tea Party for ladies group! What a fun theme for getting together to eat cookies and have a "gab-fest". We women love stuff like this . Many thanks to Julia @Julia M. Usher for her incredible creative mind and talent to bring such fun stencils to us each and every month. Just so happens that the "Live Sweetly" stencil set was perfect for this application.

How interesting that my client requested macarons on the cookies in addition to pansies. Of course it was Julia's idea for how to create macarons that helped me out with this. I have never made pansies before and had to practice quite a bit before I had enough that seemed like the client would be happy with them. Making flowers with RI is definitely another one of those skills that needs work...

I tried to brainstorm different ideas of what to include for a tea party and some of the cookies are no brainers (mini tea bags and a lovely hat). My client also requested that I include some heart cookies and was very, very happy with the result!

Isomalt is not my favorite medium! Thankfully, I only needed a small amount and the task was simple for creating a stream of tea from the pot to the cup. Seemed to go along well with the platter of macarons.

I am NOT good at creating wet-on-wet roses in spite of the many times I've tried to make them look real. This is one of those techniques that eludes me in spite of practicing and practicing. I hope that it will become a skill that I'll be happy with down the road.


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