Textured Hearts (Cookie Celebration)
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #14: Mixed Media

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I just can't get away from this Mixed Media challenge!! These hearts allowed me to try my hand at real texturizing! Each cookie uses:  Royal Icing Transfers, Gold Lustre Dust and Pearls, Stenciling with Royal Icing, and Hand Painting of the backgrounds to get that Old World Plastered Wall look.  I really loved making these.  They take some time but I think worth the results!


Cookies Fantistique by Carol posted:

Gorgeous hearts . I love all the texture with the stencils, airbrush and piping. Beautiful work, as always!!

Thank you Carol!  No airbrushing, just painting over the texture.  Thanks for all of your kind words on all my cookies.  I appreciate it.

Bakerloo Station posted:

You have done it again!  This is another fantastic addition to the challenge.  I adore the painted-plaster-effect backgrounds. Do they have any actual texture, or is it all a painted illusion?

Thank you Christine!  I have to say, this one was the most fun as I've gotten so much better at stenciling with royal icing...I had to practice a lot over the past year!  The painted plaster effect was achieved by painting over a three layer texture effect. I iced the cookie, let it dry 24 hours, did a spackling of icing in one color, let it dry a couple of hours, put on a second layer of spackling in yet another colors.  Once dried 24 hours, I took a resper/zester tool to smooth out all the layers and I then layered 2-3 different colors over the texture, added some gold when it was wet, and then when dried added even more gold lustre!    You'd best announce the next challenge soon....I'm out of control!!!