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Toadstool Fairies
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #11. Using 6 Christmas cutters and based on drawings by my daughter. I just saw mushrooms and wings when I looked at my cutters.

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Megan's drawing


This is the drawing my daughter helped me with - I told her what I had in mind and she drew them out for me. It's been a nice thing to do while she is off school.

With cutters


These are the cutters - most used upside down. These are my oldest cutters I have had for a while, and I used them the first time I flooded at Christmas. They are Snowflake, Small Snowman, Shooting Star, Angel, Gingerbread lady, and large snowman (hence the 6 - I didn't read the rules properly at first) I airbrushed the naked cookies in browns and greens, then iced on top. Most cookies have a generous amount of bronze lustre dust (it's my new purchase)  


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  • My daughter's drawing
  • Cookies with cutters
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Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

Wonderful!  I never would have guessed we would have gotten so many fairy-themed sets in this challenge, and each one is so beautiful and different.  Well done!  (And those drawing by your daughter are incredible! She has some serious talent too.)

Thank you very much Christine and thanks on behalf of Megan, she loves to draw and also loves looking at everyone's beautiful cookie pictures too. 

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