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So fun and terrifying and fun and frustrating and fun! Did I say I learned a ton!? Getting from sketch to cookie was a battle, but here she is. I saw an image (like the sketch) but the glass never made it into the design. I created an image after "impossible cakes" that I've seen. It took a couple tries and many hours of the RI drying but in the end I actually think it's sturdy! hehe So fun! Thanks for the great challange, and for helping me grow!


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Julia M. Usher posted:

So fun, Kim. Can you please give us all a little more detail about how you created the gravity-defying effect and the water (materials and methods)? Thanks!

Sure, and thank you. I started by making the RI irregular (splat looking) square base of the cookie and let it totally dry (24hrs) while I began to sculpt the fondant (mixed with Tylos powder) faucet and water flowing out. Once sculpted (flat) I "glued it all together with RI. That evening I balanced the faucet on some tuperware boxes to dry over night while gluing upright to the cookie. This was the sight of the first disaster. In the morning the white flow of water had held fast the faucet had fallen and broke into pieces mid pipe. After regluing and drying I baby sat the tube as it dried making sure the angle was right as the cookie was actually on its side being glued against the pipe while all the weight was being held by the tupperware. The entire cookie dried and the RI held it all in place like a pro. I then dribbled thick RI down the water's spout (over and over) until it was flowing down. Once dry I painted black americolor gel and water for shading and then used  Wilton pearl dust on the water and white handle. Next I used Wilton metallic color mist over the grey faucet and used black gel color for the shadows. As a follow up, that night the faucet broke. I believe it had not cured long enough with the Tylos powder. I will reglue with RI. 


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talia posted:

This is great. This was the first idea I had and a few others too. Lets see what I can actually come up with!

If you did the same one, I'm sure it would be totally different! Like with the piano cookies on the box challange, it's fun to see each interpretation of a vision! Can't wait to see your water celebration! <3 

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Amazing Kim!!! @Kim Damon! You are totally ingenius with this challenge. Love the creativity of the projects you are making . Fabulous work ❤️ I'm sitting here trying to figure out how you did this. HaHa . Did I say it was fabulous?! Yep, it sure is

Thank you so much, Carol! I'm glad you like it!