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For the rain drops I originally was going to use the same hard crack sugar candy that I used for my classy loo, but I decided to wait a day and make a new syrup for these umbrellas. 1, I wanted a clear drop and 2, there was too much threading of the syrup. I didn't want angel hair all of the umbrellas. So, today I made a syrup and took it only to the firm ball stage. This does mean that the droplets are still soft.


Here is my set up for the droplets: I angled the cooling rack to try and give some heaviness to the droplets. I applied the drop with a wood skewer. I found the thick/blunt end gave better droplets than the tapered end.


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  • umbrellasetup

These are beautiful, and your rain drops are fantastic! What a long way you have come since your Classy Commode. I think the raindrops are extremely realistic and you did an amazing job of boiling the sugar only long enough to hold their shape without turning yellow. Thank you for the great additional comment and photo about your process. It's so helpful! This is a great addition to the challenge.

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