Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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For the rain drops I originally was going to use the same hard crack sugar candy that I used for my classy loo, but I decided to wait a day and make a new syrup for these umbrellas. 1, I wanted a clear drop and 2, there was too much threading of the syrup. I didn't want angel hair all of the umbrellas. So, today I made a syrup and took it only to the firm ball stage. This does mean that the droplets are still soft.


Here is my set up for the droplets: I angled the cooling rack to try and give some heaviness to the droplets. I applied the drop with a wood skewer. I found the thick/blunt end gave better droplets than the tapered end.


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Great, great, soooooo great dear @radicaledward !!!!!  I see, you have thought about the challenge and the cookies are just dreamlike! The idea with the sloping ground - just perfect!!!! That's what I love about the challenges - the creativity !!! They have you !!! Really beautiful works!!!!