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Variety is the Spice of Life...Using up leftover icing is one way to create a set filled with variety :)

Variety is the Spice of Life...Using up leftover icing is one way to create a set filled with variety :)
The Hungarian Folk art cookie is a primary result of watching literally dozens of tutorials by Tunde whose Hungarian art is perfection!

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This set is really a "mis-mash" (is that a word?) is various techniques and unrelated designs in an attempt to try something new to me. Hungarian art is gorgeous to behold!! There are masters of this cookie art form and I must apologize to these talented artists as I present my first attempt at making a cookie with this theme. While fun to make I certainly ran into many challenges along the way!! My design didn't really fit quite the placque cookie as well as I had originally hoped. Ugh! And I've never seen a Hungarian cookie piped onto a metallic silver stenciled cookie. Lol. But, I'm trying new things, right? Anything goes I said to myself. At the end of the day this was fun to make and I'm sure to try another more traditional cookie design (perhaps with needlepoint on a white or black icing background).

The center cookie was one of those ideas that basically came to me as I was working on it. I love texture on cookies!! If I had used some different elements on the cookie I could easily turn this one into a sea type of design. But that wasn't the direction I wanted to go. So, this is the result of designing by the seat of my pants. Lol.

The third heart cookie was intentionally designed on a crackle background (I love that look) and I wanted to create someting a bit more traditional with Valentine's Day right around the corner. I did a little hand painting around the edges of the heart to add dimension. I liked the overall result but can easily see many improvements that could have been made if I had given it more thought.

Sometimes working with leftover icing is just so much fun and I don't really have much in the way of expectations .

GinkgoWerkstatt posted:

Love those cookies with hungarian art. And I think you did a great job with it!
It always looks so easy when those artists do their magic, but I bet it's not that easy when you give it a try on your own, is it?

Thank you so much for the compliment about the Hungarian art cookie! Wow, that was more difficult to do than I thought it would be. Whew!! I can't tell you how many cookie designs with Hungarian art that I looked at when the idea came to me. I've always admired the work so much and the intricacy of the detail involved. Didn't know if I'd have the patience or sheer piping ability to do it. I am pleased with the outcome even though the background is totally wrong!! I'll try it again sometime when I'm ready for another challenge

Sweet Prodigy - Christine posted:

I'm always amazed at all of the techniques you use for each post. You did a really nice job with the Hungarian folk art cookie β€οΈ

Ah Christine!! You are indeed so kind in your comments. Thank you for your encouragement with each post as it means a great deal to me when I hear from you!! I so respect your work and your kind heart is always very special .

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