Vintage teacup favours for an afternoon tea party
The inspiration for one of the teacup designs was this AMAZING and GORGEOUS set by Oh, Sugar! Events.

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Very pretty!


One thing though, and I've been reminding others of this as well :


Don't forget to tag your photos along with classifying them into clip sets. I went ahead and tagged this image for you as an example. (The Tags area is just below the Clips area.) But you should tag/classify any others already uploaded and loaded in the future. For all the reasons for doing this and how to most effectively tag/classify photos, please read this post:


I just want to make sure your work is easily found - and enjoyed by others - later on the site.


Thanks and have fun!


Whoops! Thanks Julia. I'll get the hang of uploading clips one of these days! I'll go back and check I've tagged the others... 


Thank you all for the lovely comments. These were a labour of love! There were 120 in total for my sister's anniversary party. First (and possibly last?) time I've made such a big batch of biscuits. Phew! 

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