Water Moves Me
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37

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For this cookie I was trying to celebrate the many forms of water, from the moving clouds and currents of the sea to the frothy excitement of the waves. I just love the look sun rays give as they cut through the atmosphere and cut through the ocean. This cookie reminds me of my youth playing in the ocean in Virginia Beach (every day) all summer long. Thankful for this challange and the memories is brought back to life (in cookie form).


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Sylvianne posted:

Just a beginner question- how did you negotiate the rays of sun from above to below the waves? Is the top thick icing but below painted?

Great question, Sylvianne! I flooded the entire cookie white and let dry 24 hours and then painted it all acording to my sketch. And then added more white RI for the 3-D effect. The sun rays below the water have horizontle streeks of blue going accross to interupt the color and give the illution of movement. 

Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

Dear Kim, you exceed all expectations! So many presentations and each one is so beautiful 👏👏❤️

Thank you so much, Heather! This was such an inspiring topic! I'm always excited to try new things. Christine always says it's a competition with only yourself and your own abilities and its true. I grow by what I learn with these challanges, and I'm very thankful for them.