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This is the cookie version of a recent project by Jenna Sue Design Co: the nursery designed for her baby girl.

Jenna Sue is an interior designer and the author of the font I use to watermark my pictures. I always thought that Jenna Sue was just the name of the font, until one day I end up on Jenna Sue’s website to pay the small fee required for using it. From her shop online I moved to her blog and started to follow her amazing projects ever since. I like to see how a room comes to life, post after post.

The nursery is her latest project. I could feel the love and passion that Jenna and her husband Lucas put in building this nest for their baby girl, who came to life at the end of August. I was so inspired that I made the cookie version of some of the elements of the nursery. (I am posting the cookies with their permission as they are totally based on their design, see attachments) You can see the real nursery in their Instagram stories highlights under β€œnursery”, or in this video here.

Back to the cookies, this was just a fun project, but really challenging. As I said I picked some of the elements of the nursery. It wasn’t easy to paint the backdrop behind the bassinet, although I used a projector. Hand piping the macramΓ¨ bassinet wasn’t easy. It’s not perfect but gives the idea and it is the best I could do as of today. I realized that while piping I start to lean towards the cookie while I should keep a certain distance for my glasses to focus instead... so at a certain point everything becomes blurry. I had so much fun reproducing the molding transfers at the corners of the cookie. The little bunny (yes, that’s what is supposed to be) looks more like a pig. 

On a side note: three cookies in a cookie set displayed in that way reminds me a lot of @Evelindecora’s style (which has been my teacher for three classes). 


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Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

Amazing, once again!! I went into Jenna Sue’s page and found the items you copied! They are so precise and beautifully made!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°


Thank you, @Heather Bruce Sosa! She has honored me and shared my cookies on her Instagram stories, with the photos of her nursery. Can’t share the photos here, but this is the link

Sweet Prodigy posted:
Manu posted:
Sweet Prodigy posted:

Absolutely amazing work, Manu 

Thank you, Christine @Sweet Prodigy! Totally beyond my skills, but so much fun!

Totally beyond your skills? Well, you sure fooled me. ☺

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What I had envisioned in my mind was pretty different. Anyway, β€œit is always better to aim high...”.  And I had to kill the perfectionist in me. I am pretty happy with the outcome😊 

Now how did I ever miss this Manu @Manu?! What a gorgeous set!!! I love the story behind its creation...Jenna Sue is clearly an incredibly talented decorator. How special for you to pick up on this room for a new baby and cookie-fy it like this ❀️❀️. I have no doubt that the parents were beyond honored by your work and the wonderful job you did with these cookies...your painting behind the bassinet is beautifully done, Manu!!

I just love the beautiful peach color and oh what wonderful detail everywhere I look. The dress looks like you could just pick it up and put it on it's so realistic!! Awesome work, as always my dear cookie friend ❀️

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