Wet-on-Wet Flowers
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #31

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I had some leftover cookies and icing from two different sets, and I thought I'd have some fun and improvise a PBPC entry with what I had on hand. So the colors don't work perfectly together, though they're OK (coming from two different sets), and I was very much limited by the small volume of leftover icing: in some colors, I had hardly more than a tablespoon left. 

Since I am lazy (and because it wasn't convenient re- small icing quantities), I didn't adjust icing consistency and used the icing as it was: thin flood (dark green, orange, white), thick flood (turquoise, mustard, light blue) and piping (light green, medium green, brown). I thought the easiest would be with the thick flood, but I actually found working with the thin flood the easiest: for me, the wetter the better!

I usually plan and sketch all of my sets in advance, but I completely winged this one and improvised the designs as I worked - and am quite satisfied with them! I did however have quite a few issues with consistency - duh, if I hadn't used piping icing... - and with the fact that my colors were a bit transparent, especially the white, and that you can actually see the background icing through the wet-on-wet icing, occasionnally giving it an ugly color. I believe you really have to add white coloring to your icing if you want to use white for wet-on-wet on a darker colour.

All in all, I had fun (then again, I already knew I was one of these weird people who thoroughly enjoy weton-wet work), and I'll try to submit a second, more elaborate entry to the challenge later on!

I actually quite like this entry, and despite the protests, I think all of the colors are lovely together. I love how every flower and leaf is different, even though they are all created with a few marbling techniques. I absolutely agree with you that adding white food coloring to white icing is important when creating wet-on-wet designs. Flowers are one of my very favorite things to create with the wet-on-wet technique, so I am glad to see someone else shares my obsession!

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