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My online Cookies as Business classes continue next week with a new one!

Instagram is where it's at! If you have a small business, Instagram is an amazing social media platform. I ignored my Instagram account for years before realizing its potential. Since then, I've been studying how it works and have been using it purposefully, with intention. My follower count has soared. I'm reaching my target market, turning them into paying customers. You can do it too!

I’ve spoken to many cookie ladies who don’t understand the first thing about Instagram. What is a post? How do you create one? Stories? Hashtags? Tagging? Stats? Videos? What does it all mean?

Let me break down the very basics so that you can start participating and gaining customers. 

We’ll meet in an online classroom. You’ll be able to see me, other students AND MY IPHONE as I actually create a post and a story as I'm talking to you. I’ll SHOW you just what to do!

Unlike most of my online classes – this one DOES NOT COME WITH AN EBOOK. So take notes during the class!   

This class repeats approximately every six to ten weeks.

Already familiar with the instagram basics OR once you’ve attended this class, you’ll want to attend the next one – Instagram Top Tips #2. 

Pre-registration is required for all online classes. I hope you'll join me!

$35 per person for each Instgram class.

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Icingsugarkeks posted:

That sounds sooo interesting !!!!  I have a Instagram account, but I haven't very much employed with Instagram. Unfortunately my problem is the language ...  I can read and translate, but I understand it very, very badly spoken !!

Maybe someday I'll get an ebook written on the topic. 

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