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If you're new to the site, this is a great forum to review before you post. Setting up your member profile and posting to the site are handled pretty thoroughly in our Site FAQ, here. But you'll find plenty of other startup questions (like how to change email notifications, how to credit sources, etc.) answered here as well.

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You can always email us with suggestions for site enhancements; ideas for new blog, clip, or forum categories; requests for live chats; or feedback of any ilk. But it's generally a better idea to post those ideas here, along with a survey to the Surveys area, to see if others agree or disagree with your suggestion! The more information we have about interest in a new feature or chat, the more likely we are to implement it! Positive feedback is welcome here too! 

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Undeniably the cornerstone of cookie decorating, outlining and flooding are crucial to master before you start layering on other techniques. Still trying to figure them out? Ask here.

Last Post: How Long Should I Wait 'Til I Decorate Cookies?

Aside from marbling, there are many other effects and designs possible with the wet-on-wet technique. Chat about them, and their challenges, in this forum.

Last Post: How to Make White Stay White?

Is your marbling a mess of bleeding colors and randomness? Learn how to make the most of marbling here!

Last Post: Icing Drying Too Quickly with Wet-on-Wet/Marbling Techniques - Help, Please!

Kopykake has been a great addition to cookiers' tool kits, but there are other ways to project and trace images too. This is the spot to talk about the various options, their pros and cons, and other nuances.

Last Post: When You Don't Own a Kopykake

Struggling with stenciling? Or do you consider yourself a stenciling expert with lots of tips to share? Either way, don't hold back!

Last Post: I Want to Buy a Cricut Die-Cutting Machine to Make My Own Stencils.

So you caved to peer pressure and bought that airbrush, eh? And you still have no idea what to do with it, double-eh? We thought so!  Ask away!

Last Post: What's the Best Airbrush to Get?

Rubber-stamping is a great way to add intricate detail to cookies - and fast! Share tips for getting the sharpest, most perfect stamped effects here.

Last Post: Using Liquid-gel, Stamp-a-Cake Stamp . . . Color Beads Up :-(

What the heck is the difference between wafer paper and frosting sheets? Where can you get pre-printed papers, and how can you print your own? These are just some of the topics that are fair game in this forum!

Last Post: Images Turning Green Over Time

Looking for tips to help hone your handpainted cookies? Whether your preferred paint is thinned icing, food coloring, or decorative powders extended with alcohol or extract, this is the place to seek and give painting pointers.

Last Post: Metallic Paints

Want to give your cookies a lift - literally?! Here's the place to share the ins and outs of getting cookies to stand up and into other 3-D shapes. This is an especially good place to post questions related to gingerbread houses and other gingerbread constructions.

Last Post: 3-D or 4-D?

Got a clever decorating tip that you think the cookie world should know? Share it here, along with photos if you've got them!

Last Post: How do you improve your writing?

Can't find tips for the technique that's troubling you in another forum? Or facing a design dilemma and need some immediate advice? Hammer it out here.

Last Post: Help with Royal Icing Roses

No idea why your cookie recipe is not working? Seeking a cookie recipe upgrade? Want to make a substitution, but afraid of the consequences? Fire away!

Last Post: Cornstarch in Sugar Cookies?

Oh, we've all had our fair share of icing issues, right? Here's the place to share tips for eradicating air bubbles, avoiding nasty craters, getting the right consistency, and eliminating other types of icing strife!

Last Post: Icing Separating Really Quickly?!

As the forum name says - HELP!

Last Post: High Altitude Baking and More

Ribbons? Heat-sealed bags? Tags? What are your favorite ways for packaging cookies solo? 1-2-3 go!

Last Post: Best Way to Package Party Favor Cookies?

Got a uniquely creative or clever way to put together cookie platters, or any other platter-ing tips? Please spread your wealth and share!

Last Post: Layering sugar cookies on platter...?

A term that Julia likes to think she's coined (though probably hasn't), "cookie-scaping" explores the art of larger scale tabletop and architectural presentations. Hear about others' latest cookie-scaping adventures (or mishaps) and reveal your own.

Last Post: Packaged Cookie Displays for Events.

There's a ton to understand about launching a cookie business - cottage law, local licensing and permitting, copyright law, Department of Health build-out requirements and regulations . . . the list goes on and on. Help others cut through this clutter here.

Last Post: Starting a Cottage Food Business - Help Needed!

That is the question! Granted, your place of business is only one decision that you'll need to make when starting out, but it's such an important one that we thought it deserved its own special forum. Don't forget: location, location, location!

Last Post: Farmers' Market Help

Etsy is just one of many ways to market and sell your cookies, but it's become an increasingly influential one in recent years. Ask other Etsy users their best advice for getting the most out of this platform.

Last Post: Who's on Etsy? Roll Call!

Confused about whether you can legally make character cookies? what hoops you need to jump through to protect your business name or cookie designs? the licenses needed to operate a legit cookie business? All such questions are fair game in this forum. Disclaimer: We don't profess to be lawyers here, only good conversation starters!

Last Post: Cottage Food Operations and Meringue Powder

Ahh, pricing can be the cookier's nemesis. Need help learning how to price so you don't lose your dignity, enthusiasm, or your shirt? Please ask.

Last Post: Dealing with Price "Negotiators"

What's the best way to spread your cookie-word, especially if resources are limited? Swap your best marketing practices in this forum.

Last Post: Help! How to Add Badge to Blog or Facebook Page?!

Packaging and shipping can be time-consuming parts of the cookie business; yet the overall eye appeal of your cookies can have a HUGE impact. Talk about lessons learned in getting cookies neatly tied up and out the door!

Last Post: Sealing Cookies

The work doesn't end after the start-up is over! Every veteran bakery owner will tell you that expanding a cookie business presents its own unique growing pains. Chat here about best and worst practices for taking your business to the next level.

Last Post: Hiring Help

Your recommendations for useful books about cookie decorating.

Last Post: Need Ultimate Cookies Book

The spot to mention your favorite online cookie decorating resources (blogs, blog posts, apps etc.) and to post YOUR latest tutorials!

Last Post: LilaLoa's Latest "Expert Q & A" Blog is Out!

Want to do a quick cookie recipe share? Here's the place to swap your favorites without having to do a full-fledged blog post.

Last Post: Hi-Ratio Shortening . . . in Gingerbread?

Looking for a cookie decorating class in your area? Or traveling and hoping to take a class in your destination city? Ask here. If you're teaching or hosting a class, your class announcements are also welcome in this forum and on our online calendar.

Last Post: Upcoming October Classes with Julia (Me!) in Japan

Looking for a cookie decorator in your area to make something special for your next event, or to help you with an order you need to fill? Post your inquiries here! (Note: If you're a Cookie Connection member, you can also download our Decorator Directory here or search our member directory to find members in your area who sell cookies. For more member search tips, check out this forum topic.)

Last Post: Please Add Me to the Decorator Directory

And . . . here's the place to quickly swap your favorite icing recipes without having to do a full-fledged blog post.

Last Post: SugarDeaux Quick Dry Royal Icing

Please highlight your favorite cookie decorating tools here!

Last Post: Tipless Icing Bags

Know of a great sale, or of an awesome cookie cutter, wafer paper, or other cookie decorating supplier? Or don't, but need to find a particular item or brand in your area to complete your project? It's time to chat.

Last Post: Wickstead's Giveaway Contest - LAST CHANCE to Enter Ends TODAY! (26th Oct 2018)

Have you found particular video series, YouTube channels, or online crafting courses to be helpful in advancing your cookie decorating skills? Tell us about your discoveries!

Last Post: New YouTube "Kookievision" Channel

Dying to know members' favorite sources of anything that we missed? or approaches to specific aspects of cooking decorating? This is a catch-all category for firing off questions of the "What's your favorite . . . ?" sort!

Last Post: Gold Royal Icing Color

A place to chat about CookieCon 2017, scheduled for March 9-11, 2017. Meet up with other CookieCon-goers, give tips to first-time attendees, and more!

Last Post: Great Time at CookieCon 2017!

Know of any 2016 events that members should attend? Post here, and also place on the site's event calendar if not already there!

Last Post: Sneak Peek at 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards Trophies

A place to meet other members going to CookieCon 2015 and to ask questions of veteran CookieCon-goers.

Last Post: CookieCon 2015 Coverage Has Commenced!

Cookie Cruise (January 22-26, 2015) sets sail from Galveston, Texas, USA and cruises to Cozumel, Mexico, with lots of cookie decorating along the way! Connect with other event-goers here!

Last Post: New Cookie Cruise 2015 Chat Room

The place where we chatted about other 2015 events, apart from CookieCon and Cookie Cruise. 

Last Post: The Ginger Tree Project - A Christmas Cookie Collaboration

As the title says! This is where we had chats about the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, various giveaways and casting calls, and other notable cookie events before 2015.

Last Post: CookieCon Chat Room! Bookmark It Now!

A place to celebrate National Cookie Month by posting about special cookie happenings during the month of October (in any year)!

Last Post: Books of National Cookie Month

If you're a new member, this is the place to introduce yourself to the rest of us! Tell us about your involvement in the cookie world and the other things that move you. We'd love to get to know you better!

Please Note: All the rules governing conduct on the site (i.e., being constructive, upholding professionalism, etc.) still apply here. Please re-read our Terms of Use if you are unclear about any of these rules. Posting images of people is also prohibited due to various privacy laws. Personal dialogues that are not cookie-related are best handled via the Private Message feature (under your username), which allows you to privately talk to one or more members at the same time.

Last Post: Hello

A place to swap casual cookie stories, like what, if anything, you listen to while decorating? How you handle cookie decorating on top of normal life? How you get into the cookie zone? And so on. Or just a place to say hi!

Please Note: All the rules governing conduct on the site (i.e., being constructive, upholding professionalism, etc.) still apply here. Please re-read our Terms of Use if you are unclear about any of these rules. Posting images of people is also prohibited due to various privacy laws. Personal dialogues that are not cookie-related are best handled via the Private Message feature (under your username), which allows you to privately talk to one or more members at the same time.

Last Post: Bee Cookie Bars That I Saw on the Web

If you know of Cookie Connection members who have hit the big time, but are too shy to tell us, please let us know. We want to hear about their upcoming classes, articles published, and other successes to help us in planning our Cookier Close-ups featured on the blog - and just cuz it's nice to stop and celebrate every so often! P.S. These cookiers can also be you!

Last Post: Interview with Me on Caker's Chat

Got a surplus of extra cutters or some other cookie decorating item that you'd like to swap with another member? Or give away or sell? Here's the place to post exchanges of this sort.

Last Post: Swap? I've Got an Inordinate Number of Cake Dummies!

Got an unidentifiable cookie cutter that needs deciphering? Or just want to challenge members for the fun of it? Post your mystery cutter here and see what we all come up with! To keep this space organized, please start a new thread (aka topic) for each new mystery shape. Simply upload a few pictures of said cutter or shape from a few different angles and post!

Last Post: Help Needed to Identify a Cutter

Finalists in this contest will be posted here on July 12, 2013. Voting for the grand prize winner will occur between July 12 and July 19, 5pm CDT, 2013. Stay tuned for the announcement of finalists!

Last Post: Vintage Vacation Contest Finalists Announced - Voting Open 'Til July 19!

Here on December 28 shortly after 5 pm central time, all finalists in our 2013 Christmas Countdown Challenge will be posted, and the final popular vote to determine the top three winners will open. Voting will continue through January 4, 2014, 5 pm central, after which time the winners will be announced in our weekly Saturday Spotlight on the blog. Until then, this forum will be closed to comments.

Last Post: Christmas Countdown Challenge: Vote Here

The place to find announcements and updates about our Practice Bakes Perfect bimonthly challenges.

Last Post: Taking the Challenge