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Cookie Connection Guest Blog Posts - On Hold Through April 2019

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! As you may or may not know, anyone can post a tutorial to our blog, but these posts all get reviewed and edited by me to make sure they meet Cookie Connection blog standards. This review process often takes three or more hours per post - more when language translation is involved. That being said, I am unusually busy right now, so I am not accepting blog posts from anyone but official contributors for the next few months. If you are not on the Cookie Connection contributor team but...Read More...

Cookie Competition at the NEW Jersey Shore Cake & Cookie Convention

Julia M. Usher
CALLING ALL COOKIE ARTISTS! The cookie competition at the inaugural Jersey Shore Cake & Cookie Convention has just launched, and I am honored to be their head cookie judge along with esteemed judges/cookiers Ginny Levack (@Creative Cookier) and Sandra Velez-Beltran (@You Can Call Me Sweetie) . We've got both 2-D/flat and 3-D categories, with no limit to the number of times you can enter both. Please consider joining the fun! More info here: ...Read More...

February Live Chat with Chua Cookie

Julia M. Usher
Mark your calendars for February 16! Next up in our CookieCon 2019 Speakers Series is a live chat with CookieCon instructor and über-cookie competitor Arlene Chua of @Chua Cookie! Although a relative newbie to the cookie landscape, Arlene has already amassed an impressive track record. In under two years, Arlene placed in several cookie shows and also appeared on two Food Network Challenges! Naturally, our chat will center around how Arlene preps, competes, and handles the...Read More...
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How to Edit or Delete Your Own Content

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, I've been receiving an unusually large number of questions about how members can edit or delete their own content. It's super important for you to know how to do this, as I typically do not edit posts for people, unless I happen to see a misclassified image or other typo. It can also take me several hours to days to respond to site inquiries like this, as I work several other jobs. That being said, your surest bet for getting a quick answer is to familiarize yourself with our site...Read More...

Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, regrettably, I've recently had to delete some images from challenges and other areas of the site due to lack of compliance with Rule #8 of our posting guidelines, which states that artwork (including characters, from Disney, Hasbro, etc.) cannot be copied and posted here without permission from the creator : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST In response to those deletions, some members have asked me why so many licensed character cookies exist on the site,...Read More...
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Adjusting Your Email Notifications and Onsite Alerts

Julia M. Usher
We all have different message-reading tastes, so Cookie Connection has been designed to allow for everyone's individual differences! The site's default email and onsite alert notifications are set to show you most of the site info that you could get notified about, just so you're aware of the site's full functionality. But I recognize that this amount of info may (or may not) be overkill for you. That said, I recommend that you edit your "Notifications" settings as soon as you join the site...Read More...

Posting Images - Please Read Before You Post!

Julia M. Usher
Read in Japanese (日本語はこちらから) (Last Translation: August 25, 2017) ________________________________ Hi, all! Before posting images or videos to the Clips area, please review the site's Terms of Use , as well as all of the following posting rules. They are designed to give your images more visibility on the site, to make sure artists are given proper credit for design inspiration and/or source artwork, and to avoid copyright violations. I'll start with the easy cataloging stuff first . . . 1.Read More...
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Deals with Other Business Owners (Cross-Promotions)

Hi there! I wasn't sure exactly how to title this question, so I'm sorry if it is unclear. Basically, I have someone who would like to purchase individual cookies from me, in order to promote their own business. They'd be handing out cookies along with their business card. She asked about this several weeks ago, and I think it'd be really great since we'd both be sort of helping each other out. I told her my prices and she said she'd let me know. Well, that was back in May, and no word...Read More...
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Dummy Display Cookies

Hello! Has anyone made dummy display cookies before? I would like to make Christmas cookie platters for display ahead of time, but also preferable that they can be used for 2 or 3 years. I was thinking of using a hard gingerbread-type dough that will last (e.g., like @Teri Pringle Wood's keepsake cookies), but am wondering if there is anything else that can be used? Has anyone done this? Does anyone have ideas? I worry if I would use Styrofoam (airbrushed the right colour) that...Read More...
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September Pop-Up Help!

Hi everyone! I am a brand new cookier here I’m So. Cal. And I am going to be attending my very first pop-up event in September. I have no idea what I should offer in terms of purchasable sets. I was thinking back to school (maybe a last-minute gift for teachers), fall and maybe Halloween ones. I am not sure what to offer. Any advice, tips or tricks!! Thank you!! KristinRead More...
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Advertising My Cookie Shop

Hey, I am looking for advertising ideas for my new cookie shop. I have heard that direct mail marketing is a good method, because it instantly attracts the customers, and is also more personalized. So, I am planning to do direct mail advertising for my cookie shop . I want to know if it would be perfect for my business? I hope it works well. What we are planning to do is mail them regarding all that we have at our store, and occasionally provide offers as well. Whenever there is a new...Read More...
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Flash Mob for Business Promotion

Hi there, I have seen a thread here about video promotion but it was too old that I thought to create a thread. I haven't done any video promotion works but heard that it gives a drastic change in business . But lately, I have seen an article http://www.grassrootsadvertisi...flash-mob-marketing/ describes how the flash mob is used for marketing. I think it is much better to do flash mob since it is cost efficient. You can ask your workers,...Read More...
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To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Hi there! An idea is forming in my mind to make more of cookies than a mere hobby, and what I am after is giving classes. I studied to be a teacher in my youth and generally enjoy showing stuff to other people, I guess I could manage that. So far, so good. But this approach requests that I get more commonly known to more people here in Germany. The first option to reach that goal would be a blog, but after spending several hours researching this topic I am now sure that I am neither skilled...Read More...
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