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Hello From MN

Hello, all! I started decorating cakes several years ago and it introduced me to cookie decorating. Can I just say I love decorated sugar cookies!! I have not been able to do much this past year since my son was born, but I am looking forward to starting back up. I feel rusty and I have a lot to learn still. I am happy to have found you all. JenRead More...
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Hi from Southeast Missouri

My name is Lisa and I am married and have two grown children and a wonderful grandson. I consider myself an accomplished home cook and baker but not a cake or cookie decorator. My mother-in-law was a brilliant professional cake and cookie decorator who worked from her home. I learned a bit from her but was busy with my own career goals in healthcare at the time. Now I am semi-retired and interested in making decorated cookies for my grandson with the skills I learned from her and what I can...Read More...
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Hi from The Woodlands, TX

LaDawn Wilson
My name is LaDawn Wilson and I started baking while I lived in Germany some years ago. We were lucky enough to live on the economy and had wonderful landlords that became our Oma and Opa. Oma was always busy in the kitchen or garden and I would watch her make plum tarts, a huge treasure chest of Christmas cookies, and Easter cakes. My mother made cream puff swans, homemade pies, and apple fritters. I was so blessed to see the love these women poured into each creation. I seem to have the...Read More...
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Hello from Oklahoma!

The Cookie Ward
Hello, everyone! I just joined yesterday, so far I have learned SO MUCH! I am a self-taught cookie decorator who has just recently started selling my cookies from home. This site seems to be a wealth of knowledge! In just the day and a half since I've discovered it, I have found the answers to many problems I have run into. I can't wait to apply what I have learned and see how much my cookies improve. THANK YOU Julia for this site and your helpful/informative videos. You set the bar, in my...Read More...
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New Member

Michaela Dodge
Hello my name is Michaela and I live in Springtown, TX. I am a mother of 8 children and currently I am working toward opening up my own bakery. I am decent at cakes and cookies but would love to learn to be a expert. Any help in this area are appreciated. I am excited to meet everyone and learn. God bless you all.Read More...
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Hello, Everyone, from Australia!

Too good to cut - Cake Decorating
Hello, everyone, again. Well, this has been a long time in the making. I have been following Julia on YouTube for a very long time. I love her work so much; it's just so neat and perfect and gorgeous! And one day I hope to be half as good as her (haha)! I have always heard Julia mention her blog Cookie Connection , but never thought anything else of it. "Yeah, I'll check it out one day," I'd think to myself . . . and well that "one day" is now, well tonight . . . way past midnight on a very...Read More...
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Hello! SUPER newbie here!! I am pretty sure it is just me, but I find navigating this site to be VERY confusing. I thought there might be a forum I could go to, to read and learn about decorating cookies. Are questions only held for 24 hours? I also would love to know where everyone finds the incredible cookie cutters!! The shark cutters are wild! SO hard to find something for "older" boys . . . this might be it. Is there a place to go to where there are cookie discussions at night? I know a...Read More...
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Capt Super
Hi! I am Capt Super and I live in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. I am married and have four kids. I work at Phoenix Childrens Hospital as an Epilepsy Monitor Tech. I have been baking cookies for awhile, but I am getting a bit tired of baking chocolate chip cookies. So I joined Cookie Connections to get some inspiration to try other types of cookies. I am really impress with so many talented bakers in this group. Thanks for letting me join.Read More...
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Hi! I am very happy I found this website. It has so much cookie information!! I am currently graduating from a Baking and Pastries Arts program, and I am very excited about learning how to decorate cookies. I am hoping to keep on learning and to share anything I have learned.Read More...
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Hello from Shanghai

Hello. I'm new to Cookie Connection so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm a mother of 2, living in Shanghai. I got into decorating after I quit my investment banking job to become a full-time mom. After organising a few birthday parties for my kids I realised it's actually easier and cheaper to do everything myself! Luckily for me, I met this amazing Japanese teacher in Shanghai, who has taught me so much. We're in the process of setting up a sweets decorating class for non-Japanese...Read More...
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In Love with Cookie Decorating . . .

Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm 33, and I have 4 children, with ages ranging from 14 to 2. When I get a chance I love baking and decorating bickies.... 1. I live in almost the hottest part of Australia. ( it's the middle of summer right now) 2. My kids steal the bickies as they come out of my oven. Which I am happy about, because it means they like my baking lol. 3. I have hypothyroidism, so I REALLY want to ice the bickies, but my body just wants to sleep most of the time!. 4. I am in awe of the...Read More...
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Hello from Missouri!

Brigitte Thiele
Hello, everyone ! I just love this website! I somehow caught this cookie decorating bug when a lady brought 2 dozen of the prettiest cookies to my daughters bridal shower last July. I have baked and decorated a few dozen but want to do so much more! My skills are not the best . . . Yet! I have put up a shelving area all dedicated to storing my cookie making supplies. And I am constantly on the search for unique cookie cutters lol. In my other life, I am married and live on a farm and we grow...Read More...
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Greetings from a New Member!!

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I signed up today. I am loving the winter weather only because it allows me to experiment with baking more! I have my a website where I make my own stencils, but I am very new at baking so I am here to learn. Julia, I LOVE and appreciate your demonstration videos I found on YouTube. It helped me greatly when learning how to use royal icing for the first time. It really made the learning process easy and enjoyable. It will take me a few more tries to...Read More...
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Newbie Here

My name is Cindy and I live in SC  with my husband we have  4 Cairn Terriers, 1 Wheaten Terrier, and 1 cat I'm learning this site as I go along, I luv everything that I see and am very inspired. I luv to decorate cookies for friends and family and I have been baking since I was 10 yrs old. I would luv to learn more about decorating and am honored to have found this site. Since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I made this find one of my gifts to me. Look forward to learning. Really...Read More...
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Hi, Everyone

I have been baking and decorating cakes for quite a few years now. After coming across this site, I would really like to try cookie decorating. Love looking at all the great cookie pictures and can't wait to try. My home is in Scotland and I...Read More...
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