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Primer for Fondant?

Hello , I was wondering if there is any substance that could be used as a primer on sugar paste or fondant, so when I print on it the color will stay original without bleeding inside it or getting darker when being refrigerated or left in room temp? Would appreciate any advice on the matter. Thank youRead More...
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What is the best way you guys have learned to take photos of your cookies? Your phone? a camera? How do you decide backgrounds and layouts? I feel like I am not doing my cookies justice, because my photos just look so lackluster... TIA!Read More...
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Weekly Cookie Themes?

I have been baking cookies for my bridge club every week. I often make card-themed cookies (the four suits of playing cards), but I also make cookies related to the closest relevant holiday. Does anyone have any ideas about a source for themes for cookies for every week? The big holidays are obvious, but in those months (like August) where there are no major holidays, I don't necessarily have good ideas for what to bake.Read More...
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Altitude Effects on Cookies and Icing

Homemade for Heroes
Hi. I'm visiting my mom, and she asked that I make some cookies for her benifit auction tonight and tomorrow night. These are epic fails. I'm in Mexico working with gas appliances, which I'm not used to. Cookies browned a lot more than I like. She's never heard of a silpat. So we used parchment paper on aluminum sheets. Oven temperature is correct. Royal icing looked great. Colored well. 15-second consistency seemed very thick. I went with 8-second. Still had separation between colors. We...Read More...
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Design Tips Wanted :)

Prue's Bikkies & Cakes
Hi, cookiers, I was wondering if anyone would be happy to share a little informaton about their design process? I find I procrastinate putting a large set together, as I often decorate as I go, and am a little scared to start sometimes in case I dont like the design I do. I am sure there's a better way! Do you tend to sketch first and come up with the full design before you start, or do you finalise the small details as you go? For small sets (i.e., set of 3), I tend to have a plan, but for...Read More...
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Can You Freeze Cookies Decorated with Luster Dust?

The Bookworm Bakery
Hi! I have successfully frozen fully decorated cookies before, but never with luster dust. Specifically, I am painting polka dots on these cookies using Rolkem Gold/Bacardi 151 and a paintbrush (on dried royal icing). I'm worried the freezing/thawing process could somehow affect (smudge, maybe?) the gold polka dots. Has anyone done this? Thanks!Read More...
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Freezing/Storing Large Volume

Homemade for Heroes
Hi all, I bake for the military in my spare time. I have a friend who helps and we crank out the cookies. Right now we are getting 2500 Easter cookies ready for an AF (air force) base in TX. My question is: is it ok to freeze after baking and again after decorating? Does this affect how long the cookies will be fresh? I ship flat rate, and it's usually 3 days, but I'd like to ship overseas and that can take 8-21 days. Doing large volume as we do, it kills us to do 4 days of 8-12 hour...Read More...
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Ugly Fat Flowers - Help!

No matter what tip I use to make flowers, they do not come out crisp. Not sure how to describe it, but the thin part of the tip "puffs" up to the same thickness as the larger opening part of the tip. I have tried with what I thought was stiff consistency, but still had no luck. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?Read More...
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Putting Royal Icing Transfers on Dark Wet Icing

Hi! I do a lot of royal icing (RI) transfers and then put them on a wet flooding icing. I let the RI transfers dry completely. I have been having problems when I'm doing a lighter color on a darker flood icing. It will "bleed" through. I've tried to wait a few minutes after applying the wet icing to let them set a bit, but not working. I even had a problem with this one attached and it was a darker transfer on a light orange wet. Over the day, the orange started bleeding through the blue as...Read More...
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How to Make Airplane Cookies

Michaela Dodge
My daughter asked me to make these for her husband who just graduated from aviation college. How would I make the airplane? Can anyone give me a tutorial or tell me how? [EDITOR'S NOTE: The image in question has been deleted, as we don't allow the posting of others' images, for any reason, without permission. If you want advice about a cookie image in the future, please just link off to it. Thanks!]Read More...
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How to Get Started with Cookie Designs?

Ms. K
I hope I'm in the right forum? Forgive me if I'm not. I am so new to this entire cookie thing. Okay, a little confession . . . I look at these beautiful cookies and my heart leaps and says "you can do it" lol! My brain says "WHERE DO I START?" Designs, patterns . . . how do I get started? There has to be a guideline from which all these beautiful creations are gathered, so please share?? I want to create these beautiful artistic cookies.Read More...
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Using Royal Icing to Make an Imprint on a Raw Cookie

Ms. K
Hello, I recently was watching videos on stenciling and imprinting on cookies, and I came across a video that showed royal icing being used to trace the dry and be used as an imprint on raw cookies before they are baked. Of course now it is nowhere to be found! LOL, can anyone help me? I would love to try it. Thank you very much for your help!!Read More...
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How to Make Feathers?

Baby Gabey Cookies
Hi, friends. My cookie project for this coming week is swans and swan masks. I want to add some fun dimension to the cookies in the form of feathers, but being somewhat of a novice in cookie design, I don't know how best to achieve this. I would love any suggestions, links to tutorials, or helpful techniques. I am eager to learn. Thank you.Read More...
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Weird Colour Request - Ideas Appreciated!

I have a strange order!! Mason jars, army green on the bottom, fading up into lavender at the top!! Oy. Any thoughts about how to achieve this? I'm not sure if I should just do RI and somehow "paint" the middle section where the two colours meet, or if I should use my airbrush, or a combination of the two. Help! Thanks, CariRead More...
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Lettering Help - Transfer vs. Direct Piping?

Hi, fellow cookiers! Just wanted some advice on how to approach these cookies (*see inspiration picture attached and below; can't find original source). Should I make transfers of the red and attach to the blue then outline with white, or pipe the red and white directly onto the cookies? Worried about the strong colours bleeding. Has anyone made something similar with tips you can offer? I really want the colours staying clean! Cheers, KimRead More...
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Sugar Diamonds MELTED?!

I made sugar diamonds yesterday with sugar/corn syrup, heated to 290 degrees, they turned out great. Plopped them on a wet royal-iced cookie. Looked fine. Got up this morning and there are little puddles of goo around the stones, like the candy liquefied! Will it harden back up?? Or do I need to start over?? Oh Lord, 2 dozen due tomorrow, ughhhh HELP!!!Read More...
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Monogramming on a Quilted Cookie?

Hi, cookie experts! I am VERY new to this, but have 2 orders in already! (Just for friends' parties, but still...). One of them wants monogrammed cookies for her daughter's birthday. First design, no problem (round cookies, wet on wet, blue with white dots). I'm planning to do royal icing transfers for the monogram. Second one - problem!! She wants "quilted" hearts, with the monogram. I can do the quilting, but unsure about how to do the monogram. Still with RI transfer and "glue" on after...Read More...
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Windows - How to Make?

Ronnda Larssen-Phillips
My mom is going to be retiring from a mortuary March 30 and she has asked me to make caskets and hearses ( ? spelling) - yes, funny and a bit morbid I know. Anyway, I did find a hearse cookie cutter. I have a design planned in my head, but I haven't done it "for real" yet! I am adding a pic of the hearse in attachments. My plan is to make the body of the hearse a dark blue as that is the color of the company's hearse. What I'm not sure how to do is the windows. My thoughts are to make them...Read More...
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