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Messy Looking Cookies

I am new to cookie decorating and am getting frustrated at my messy lines and blotchy looking designs. I know that icing consistency is key, but, if the icing is thin enough to pass through a fine tip it runs, and if I thicken the icing it clogs the...Read More...
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Icing Bleeding into my Royal Icing Transfers

I'm doing some royal icing transfers for my cake. I make a character, let it completely dry, around 1.5 day; then i put it on a royal icing base, because I'm afraid the cream will make the transfers wet. The base not yet completely dry, but I found the base color is starting to bleed into my transfers. You can see the pink base and the edge yellow hair. I didn't make the gradient for hair . . . it was only yellow, and the white shirt has become light pink . . . the face too. Although the...Read More...
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Photography Troubleshooting

I noticed when I take pictures my camera is not picking up the true colors of the cookies. I did a set of cookies for the Practice Bakes Perfect color challenge and the peacock blue which has a teal undertone to it just comes out as blue (looking more...Read More...
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