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[EDITOR'S NOTE: I am redirecting this post from the blog to the forums, where it's better suited. It was written by member Alice Lee , who is a sales representative for Zhongda Biology, a Chinese manufacturer that has specialized in natural color production and application for more than 20 years. The content below expresses the views of the author and not necessarily those of this site, its owners, its administrators, or its employees.] It’s a fact that synthetic pigment is harmful to human...Read More...
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Henan Zhongda biological engineering company (hereinafter refers to as Zhongda Biology Company) is founded in 1994. It locates in Xinzheng City, Henan province, China. We are the largest and professional manufacturer of botanical extracts ( natural color ) , food ingredient and functional food . Starting from a research institute and through more than 20 years’ hard work, we have formed complete product system. We have our own raw material planting bases , our craftsmanship and application...Read More...
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Ink Edibles

Anyone order from Ink Edibles?  I placed an order two weeks ago and after several emails, phone calls, Facebook messages . . . I still have no product, no compensation and no idea if I'm ever recieving my order.  It's been a complete...Read More...
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Edible Markers/Pens

Hi, I hope I've entered this under the right section. I live in a rural area of North Queensland in Australia. My baking supply shop does not have Edible Markers/Pens. I'm wary of buying on the net as I don't know the quality of the...Read More...
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Holiday Sale at Craftsy

Julia M. Usher
News flash! All classes at Craftsy are now $19.99 or less. They have some great cake decorating classes, and word on the street is they will be announcing a new cookie decorating class very soon. More info here.  Read More...

Beautiful Handmade Copper Cutters by Michael Bonne

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For those of you who love copper cutters, these handmade cutters by Michael Bonne (dubbed America's Favorite Coppersmith by Martha Stewart) are definitely collectible quality. He's expanded his Etsy store tremendously in the last few months, so he's...Read More...

48-Hour Halloween Flash Sale on Craftsy!

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Wowza! More substantially discounted decorating and crafting classes on Craftsy, available for the next 48 hours. There's a class about piping buttercream borders, which could easily come in handy with cookies too.  Click here for more...Read More...

Sneak Peek: Fancy Flours' Holiday Catalog

Julia M. Usher
Hard to believe that 'tis the season already, but from the festive look of Fancy Flours' latest catalog, it clearly is. They've got some cool new wafer papers, cookie molds, and lots of other decorating items. They're even offering up my 3-D cookie...Read More...