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Paint Your Own Cookie Troubleshooting

Hi all! I’m playing around with PYO cookies for the first time and was wondering if anyone had some tips to share. I made some the other day that I let my kids test out for me. They looked great and the kids had fun with them, but the painted colors were pretty light on my 5 year old’s masterpiece. And my 2 year old just completely dissolved the stenciled image and ended up with a gray cookie 😂. I know it’s kind of the “nature of the beast” for water to dissolve the stenciled image when...Read More...
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Heat and Royal Icing

Hi, all! I hope this hasn't already been asked . . . I did an advanced search and couldn't quite find the topic I was looking for, but please feel free to direct me if there's already a thread addressing my question. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with leaving cookies decorated with royal icing in a hot car for part of the day? I have an order that I'll be sending with my mother in law, but before they get to their final destination, they may have to sit in her car for a few...Read More...
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General Packaging Advice

Hello! I'm new to the forums and new to the cookie business (custom decorated sugar cookies with royal icing). I'm really struggling with figuring out the best way to package my cookies and was hoping to get some advice on how others do it. I've searched the forum and have some good ideas, but have a couple of specific questions I couldn't really find an answer to: 1) I purchased a heat sealer and have been individually wrapping my cookies for orders where they'll be handed out individually...Read More...
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