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February 16


Nacogdoches, TX


United States

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I don't know what this is? I'm not sure I understand what is needed here. 


once again... I have no clue what to add or say! 😍

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I am 61 yrs. old, I've been decorating cakes as far back as I can remember, my health won't let me stand up long enough to do cakes anymore, so since 2012 I now make, bake & decorate cookies. I can sit down to do that.

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Disabled, stay at home Grandma. Sale cookies from my home, it's not Really a Bakery, just a home Cookie Decorator. " The Wright Cookie ", aka " Cookie Mama ", all my kid's friends call me that..

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A large Birthday Cookie for my Granddaughter, she got a new horse from her Granpa & her Daddy, I liked a pic of her horse with a bouquet of roses as well.I can show you a picture!?

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

Christmas order for 250 cookies... I have pix of those as well.

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

It varies, had an order for a 17yr. old boy for 1dozen "Shoe" cookies so made 6 pair of shoes... making them side by side so each pair would match, I kept touching the one I'd just worked on, messing it up...I fixed what I could, but had to scrape it off & start over 😒😏😞 happened twice!!! So I would have to say those took me the longest. I have pix of those too!