Kimberly Berardi Woods

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October 4


Haines City, FL


United States

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51 year old mom of 3 sons 17,20,22. Wife of a Triathlete. Server at an Awesone steakhouse and bar 4 shifts a week. Living a laid back life in Florida. 

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sometimes less is more.

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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local only

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My first time decorating cut out cookies was with my 4 year old great niece at Christmas time 2015. I quickily realized decorating cookies is not as easy as I thought it would be. Lol since then I've practiced (a lot) and have aquired almost 1,000 cutters and have done all the holidays, birthdays, and baby showers... I have completed large wedding projects and bridal showers next . My largest project to date was 180 diamond cookies for a church group anniversary! Who knew that at 50 years old I could discover such a fun way to use my art background. And all because I wanted to make Christmas cookies with my niece.

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

60... single design for order of 180.

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7min... not including inbetween drying time.