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September 12


Clovis, NM


United States

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I love art and I love baking. Only recently have I decided to join the two. My mom is a big inspiration to my art. I grew up in a DIY home long before internet and Pinterest were around for inspiration. I'd have to say I love the challenges that make me think outside the box and creating something out of nothing. I have two creative kids and a stay at home husband that encourage and support all the crazy projects I think up. I'm 3/4 of the way through my military career and look forward to retirement at a young age where I can bake and create to my hearts content.


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"You can tell yourself you can or you can't. Either way you are right." -Henry Ford

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Active Duty Military

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Finding my perfect sugar cookie recipe for Christmas this year. I baked so many and the kids had a blast decorating and eating them. I was so excited to master that basic cut out and to have it taste good and have a wonderful softness as well

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