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Paige Gesing

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February 12


Charlotte, NC


United States

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I live in Charlotte, NC. I have been an artist and photographer since childhood. I have also been an ER nurse for 30 years, my last 10 years of work as a trauma manager. Art has soothed my soul all of my life, but it became real therapy when I had to leave my job to care for my husband. He was diagnosed with early onset dementia and passed away in October 2017 at the age of 68. I discovered decorated cookies on the internet and tried it and I was immediately intrigued and now enjoy it so much. I am in the transition to creating a real business with my cookie art and will always love the connection to my husband.


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Be joyful. And brave.

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Trauma Manager (BS, RN, MHA) turned baker/cookie decorator

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When someone thought my flip flops on the beach were lima beans.

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