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The Cookie Bug

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February 10


San Diego, CA


United States

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The CookieBug was launched in 2020 by Malissa Sanfilippo, a graduate of the University of Southern California in Fine Art. Following graduation, Malissa decided to combine her passion for art with her love of baking and her career as a cake and cookie decorator began. Today, she owns and operates her bakery studio in San Diego, California and enjoys creating custom designed cookies for her clients, holidays and special events.


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Da Vinci

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Own/Operate Home-Based Cookie Shop/Bakery

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Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?


Best Cookie Memory

I was asked to make and decorate cookies for Comic-Con by the Comic-Con producers. I delivered the cookies and I was invited to stay for the party. I got to meet so many "characters" I'd seen on the big screen. Very cool and very memorable!

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

I take my time because I like to do things right. I would say 24 cookies has been my maximum in one sitting. If they are very simple cookies, 3-4 dozen.

Most Time Spent On One Cookie

Some of my most detailed cookies can take up to 45 minutes per cookie. On an average I probably spend about 12-15 minutes per cookie.