3-D Physical Mock Ups

I'm finding it more and more important to make physical mock-ups of 3-D cookie art. What is the best way (materials, etc.) to create a mock-up of a 3-D piece? I'm not great with Photoshop or Illustration programs on the computer and have also found myself to be better at visualizing something I can "hold in my hand".

Drawing on paper gives a flat dimension which is great for practicing airbrushing designs with accents (appliques, fondant molds, etc.). However, it's very difficult to see actual dimensions and how some elements of the design will look when put into 3-D.

I've been asked to create a 3-D design that is similar to something I've done before (see images). I want to do a mock-up and change/update some elements to this design. Ideas??? Thanks for any help. 

Great Focus Candy Filled

A Fav Shot

Cookies Fantastique 


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