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Best Way to Calculate Amount of Icing Needed

Good morning!


I have a problem which all my internet research (also on this site's forums and blogs) didn't bring a solution so far and I will be grateful for your tips, experience and advises.

I normally have too much icing, but sometimes also too little. All in all I'd say that appr. 30% goes down the drain. And I ha#& that kind of waste


For a batch of 20 medium sized cookies I prepare about 250-300gr of RI, depending on how many colors I plan to use. I'd actually need less, but there has to be a certain amount of material in the bag or I can't handle it. This is especially annoying if only a couple of red dots are in demand.


I know that RI can be stored for some time, but this would mean that I'd already be fixed with my color selection for the next batch - and I don't want that either. And honestly, storing 1 Tbsp of icing in an air tight container...?


Additionally I also have some problems calculating the amount of each color needed for larger areas, too. That leaves me with loads of yellow and I either have to make an new RI batch for the green, or just go without it after all.


How do you calculate the correct amount of the total quantity needed, and of the quantity of the individual colors? Is there a simple rule that I am not aware of or do you all face the problems I mention above?


Thanks in advance for sharing with me!




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