Breaking News: Today on NPR - The Worldwide Cookie Explosion and Cookie Connection!

Well, have I got exciting news for you and for Cookie Connection


Thanks to The Cookie Architect, I was contacted by a colleague of hers at National Public Radio (NPR) while traveling in Portugal last week. Long story short, the reporter there was doing a story on the explosive interest worldwide in cookie decorating and I was interviewed, on behalf of Cookie Connection, as part of that story.


Barring any breaking news, the story is scheduled to air today, March 10, at 5:20 pm Eastern time on the NPR program All Things Considered. It will air every two hours after that time until the broadcast ends. Please tune into your local station to enjoy. (For a list of local NPR station identifiers in the US, click here.)


Related to this story, several cookiers from this site (the top 10 finalists in our Best of 2013 contest) will also be featured in an online piece on the national NPR site. This piece hasn't yet posted, but I will let you know when it does,


Congrats to our Best of 2013 finalists, and thanks again to Rebecca Weld (The Cookie Architect) for bringing this opportunity to us. Thanks too to all who have shared their superlative work on this site - this collective passion is really what's responsible for casting this national spotlight on our community.


A day to celebrate!


Here's a link to both the online piece and the audio interview:

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