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Reply to "Business Cards - Are They A Thing of the Past?"

I use business cards and always make sure I have cards on me when I'm out.  I can't tell you how often people ask me for a business card.  My husband even carries some for me, as I do for him.  

No cookie order leaves the kitchen without a business card attached to it (see picture), and a brochure under the platter.   

The brochures were printed to target new corporate customers, and as a reminder to my current corporate customers not to forget me!  The pictures were very selective, to give show them what I can do if they aren't on social media.

I'm not sure I understood correctly, are you suggesting that people don't use Facebook for business anymore?  While I would agree that Facebook has serious competition with Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets, I wouldn't disregard it yet.  I still continue to get new customers through Facebook and as recently as yesterday, there was an article about a cupcake company here (in Michigan) that has built their business (now 17 stores) by using social media to get foot traffic in their stores.  Even though they post on Twitter and Instagram everyday, FB is a larger forum to put out more information.  

My target audience isn't necessarily using social media (as I do) consistently.  Having the opportunity to put my name and phone number in a persons hand, on a business card, is one more opportunity for a new customer. 

Hardcore Pawn platter

Gigi's business card


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  • Hardcore Pawn platter
  • Gigi's Fresh Baked business card