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Reply to "Challenge Ideas? Let's Hear Them!"

I don't think of the KK as cheating so much as a tool that allows those of us with no talent or skill at drawing to produce recognizable artwork.  I am so envious of those of you that are real artists.  Since I can't draw a stick figure that anyone could correctly identify, I would be limited to simple shapes or outlines without it.
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I love the ideas mentioned so far! I like the idea of giving limitations--limiting us to either shapes, techniques, a specific medium, tools...  I would also like to see a KopyKake-prohibited challenge.

A no KK one would be good- but I don't have one, so I don't think of that as much of a limitation

Perhaps I'm wrong; but I think a Kopykake is cheating in non-commercial applications. O maybe I'm jealous because I don't have one.

Lol!  Making cookies is my form of meditation, so I don't want one...yet. Definitely not a limitation for all, I agree, but it's a very useful "tool" for many. Another idea for a challenge would be to use the "other" frosting--use glaze if you're a RI user and vice versa. I tried Anita's Frankenfrosting yesterday--let's just say I felt like I was frosting cookies, NOT creating works of art!  Then again, that might be too painful.