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Reply to "Challenge Ideas? Let's Hear Them!"

Originally Posted by Lauren Dorsee Dillon:
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Originally Posted by Econlady:

I have a kk and since I am not a natural artist I need it.  I wish I could understand more of how some people do their decorating, especially the painting.  


While I love this site and all the cookies I do feel intimidated. My skill level is no where near the quality I see in most of the cookies.  It keeps me from posting.  I'm sure I'm not alone.


Believe it or not, I understand your hesitation! I still have a set of Star Wars cookies undecorated in my freezer because the week I was going to do them Arty McGoo and Sugar Rush both did Star Wars sets!  That said, please do post something if you have an idea! This is not a contest of skill- each person should challenge themselves. And I think you will find that the spotlight won't be shining on the ten "best" cookies each month.  And the prizes are done at random so anyone has a chance to WIN!  Everyone has to start where they start.  Lilaloa's challenge series really helped push me to build my skills when I was starting out! PLEASE COOKIE FOR ME

Do your decorated cookies freeze well? I've always been frightened to try!


These cookies were frozen undecorated, but I've frozen a lot of my cookies before. I just seal them up well, and let them thaw still in the unopened container on the counter. Bake at 350 did a post about it once and I do what she did.  No problems for me.