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Coloring Royal Icing


I tried my hand at decorating some sugar cookies. I was working on getting Halloween colors and unfortunately could not get the any color icing to look like how I planned for it to look

Here are the challenges I faced:

Black colour icing- This seemed unattainable inspite of adding multiple drops of liqua gel food color, tried gel food color too on another batch. Both batches looked dark grey at the best and not black.

Similarly had problem with purple too, no matter how many color droplets I used, it turned out lavender at best and not original purple.

Could any of you share tactics on how to color royal icing to attain deep dark colors? Such as black, dark blue, brown, purple,red,etc.?

Reference color chart:

I was trying to get pumpkin color (and not orange or yellow) Found multiple color charts online, tried some, with no success.

I wanted to understand how to mix colors to get desired colors, such as pink+blue makes purple? or what colors to mix to get pumpkin color.

If any of you have any reference color charts that will work for coloring royal icing too, it will be of great help if you could share it with me.

Thank you. 

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