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CookieCon 2017 Dates Have Been Announced!


Hi, all! Just a heads-up that CookieCon 2017 dates have been announced for March 9-11, 2017, with pre-conference classes taking place on March 8. Not much else has yet been announced, but here's the link to the official CookieCon site so you can check back periodically for more details.

I've also created a new "CookieCon 2017" forum, where Cookie Connection members are encouraged to start conversations about planning for and connecting at CookieCon 2017. The link to that forum can be found under the "Events" topic under "Forums/Directory" in the main navigation line, or you can reach it directly by clicking here.

I hope many of you can take advantage of CookieCon in the coming year!


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  • CookieCon 2017 Site Banner: Image Courtesy of CookieCon
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