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Cups/Tsp/Tbsp to grams/ml conversion chart


I am looking for standard source for conversion of cups, teaspoons and tablespoons mentioned in recipes to grams/lbs or ml

For example if the recipe mentions 1 cup All purpose flour I want to know how many grams is it and 1 teaspoon vanilla then how many ml is it and 1 tablepoon salt then how many grams is it, etc.

I searched online but there are too many sites and most of them have different measurements. For example one site says 1 cup all purpose flour is 110 grams, other says it 125 grams, another says it 127.5 grams. I am not sure which one is the most reliable.

Could any of you share with me the source that you use for such conversion. Or if you know of any standard source that is reliable and could be followed

I usually measure the ingredients by grams/ml so that the ratio is more accurate. Hence, looking for a standard source for conversion chart.

Thank you 


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