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Reply to "Discounting Surplus Cookies"

SusieQCookies posted:

Hi Woodsy Wife.

I too started selling my cookies at our local farmers market. I would love to  share with you what I learned this year.

I too was concerned about scaring people off with the price for the cookie. So I started with smaller cookies. Very small cookies, sample size,  and an average small fancier cookie for 2.00 just to get people to try my cookie.

The first two weeks (and for only the first two weeks) any left overs I had, I gave them away as advertising to the other vendors after the market. I also shared them with people at the local businesses around the courthouse lawn, the location of our farmers market. 

By week three, I was selling out! And I was selling out of small 3.00 cookies, to more elaborate 5.00 cookies. I also learned that at our farmers market, the products that flew off the table where whimsical cookies, and themed cookies that corresponded to events taking place locally or in the state, and cookies little girls go nuts for like unicorns and kittens   I also announced my attendance at the market every week on FB, and different local FB groups. I found that word of mouth advertising thru my left overs, and FB was my best ally.

Another tool at my disposal came later and was amazingly affective for selling out of my product. Our local radio station. I learned through the market manager that the radio station was advertising the market as a community event and that they wanted to interview each vendor to promote community awareness of the market. The week I was interviewed, I sold out of my product in the first half hour! That was a mixed blessing, to say the least! Perhaps your local station is, or will do the same for your farmers market.

I've only been up and running my business from my home for one full year come September 29th. And I was like you. I am from a small town of less than 4000 people, and I too, didn't want to scare off customers. I too doubted what Julia and other long time cookie sellers have said here about cookie prices, thinking what they can do in major cities, just won't translate to rural communities. I was wrong. I have gradually increased my prices as time has gone by, and I am still having to turn people down because I am so fully booked. If you have a crazy yummy cookie, and it is beautifully decorated, people will buy it from you for special occasions because it is SPECIAL! I have seen your cookies, they are fantastic! Please don't sell yourself short!


Great story!