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Reply to "Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Sweet Gypsy Bakery and Julia's Cookie Art Competition Make Local News!"

Sweet Gypsy posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:
Elke Hoelzle posted:

How cool! I am crazy to see more about this wonderful competition! Congrats, Mrs House! What  great piece!

You will -  I am working on some feature articles with some of the winners. I hope to post the first of two articles this weekend. 

Everyone in my little town is so interested in what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. It’s really funny. When cookies make the front page of the paper know you live in a small town 💙.

Not so sure about that . . . cookies are hitting the big time, not just small towns! (Pssst . . . more's coming!)  

Anyway, one of my greatest hopes in televising the competition was that it would bring all who participated more exposure in their communities (as well as on the national stage). So I am so glad to see you getting recognized publicly for your amazing accomplishment and creation. Congrats.