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FDA-Approved Gold Luster Dust

Hi, everyone, I've done some searching on the site but haven't found a recent post on this topic (most are old and the links are dead or not working).

It seems a lot of people use "non-toxic" gold luster dusts on their cookies, but it is my understanding that these are not approved for consumption and should not be given to consumers. 

I have used the Wilton dusts and they're okay, but I'm wondering if anyone has found another FDA-approved dust that maybe has a little more "wow" factor? 

I'm totally okay sticking with Wilton if it's the best out there. I'm not okay using the stuff that is not edible.

I tried ordering the dust that SweetAmbs recommends (Crystal Colors edible gold dust), but the company never shipped it, and without a word, they just sent me my money back after I complained through email and phone several times that my order was not being sent. So weird. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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